Appendix 4 FAQs and Resources

What Can I Do to Be Prepared for Floods?

(This information is available at

Use the My RainReady online tool ( to assess your property and get recommendations/options tailored to your conditions.

Investigate if you qualify for FEMA programs, i.e.: The National Flood Insurance Program, Hazard Mitigation Assistance, etc. (

Review FEMA’s:

·         “Homeowner’s Guide to Retrofitting” [1]

·         “Reducing Damage from Localized Flooding” [2]

·         “How to Prepare for a Flood” [3]

Review EPA’s “Soak Up the Rain” campaign for information and how-to guides for residents. (

Know your flood risks. (

Plan ahead for disasters. (

Sign up to receive alerts from Carrboro ( and Orange County. ( )

View stream gauges and sign up to receive alerts on the Flood Inundation Mapping and Alert Network. (

Review the Flood Risk Information System. (

Sign up for USGS Water Alert. (

View the Town floodplain map. (

View the Town flooding event map. (

What Kind of Public Oversight Does the Stormwater Utility Have?

In addition to oversight from the Town Council, Town Manager and Public Works Director, Carrboro has established a Stormwater Advisory Commission[4] (SWAC) that provides this function.

How Can I Stay Informed About Stormwater?

·         View stormwater updates, information, links, and data on the Town’s Stormwater webpages[5]

·         Follow Stormwater Advisory Commission meetings, currently scheduled for the second Thursday of each month.

·         The Stormwater Utility presents a monthly report to the Town Council. Check the Council agendas for these reports[6]

·         Sign up for the Town’s Newsletter and Newsflashes at

·         Follow the Town the Stormwater program on Social Media:

  1. Instagram: @townofcarrborostormwater, @townofcarrbro
  2. Facebook: @CarrboroTownGov
  3. Twitter: @CarrboroTownGov

How Can I Provide Input?