Carrboro, North Carolina is a small town with a big love for poetry. We boast a vibrant arts community, and poetry is no exception. Each Town Council meeting of our local government opens with a poem that the Carrboro Poet Laureate or a local poet appointed by them reads aloud. From open mic nights to outdoor poetry writing workshops, Carrboro is home to a thriving poetry scene that brings together local writers and enthusiasts.

Poetry has played an important role in Carrboro's cultural identity for many years. The town is home to the renowned annual West End Poetry Festival, which features a range of events and activities that celebrate the power of poetry. The festival is a gathering of poets from across the country, and has helped put Carrboro on the map as a hub for creative expression and literary excellence.

Beyond the festival, there are many opportunities in Carrboro for poetry lovers to engage with the art form. The town is home to several bookstores and cafes that regularly host poetry readings and events. These gatherings provide a space for poets to share their work with others, and for readers to connect with a diverse range of poetic voices.

In Carrboro, poetry is more than just a form of artistic expression. It is a way to connect with others and to explore the beauty and complexity of the world around us. Whether you are a seasoned poet or a newcomer to the art form, the poetry community in Carrboro is welcoming and supportive. So why not pick up a pen and start writing? You never know where your words might take you in this inspiring town.